I am a wife, mommy, and ER doctor, sometimes all at once and sometimes one at a time.

Little Hands

I’ve been washing windows around the house lately, a few every week or so, and inevitably it rains right after I wash them and they go back to looking just like they did before. However I came across the window in my youngest son’s bedroom and saw two perfectly formed handprints and I couldn’t bring […]


Adoption update

Real quick. Application was turned in last month, we did our finger prints yesterday and those should be in the mail by the end of the week and on their way to the FBI or whoever it is that needs to determine that we are safe people. Its a process and a journey. With the […]


On Raising Boys

I’m sure this will not be my only post on boys and the adventures that come with raising boys. I knew that with boys we were going to have tractors and fire trucks everywhere, nothing would be done at a walking pace, block towers and buildings would be scattered throughout my house, and scraped knees, […]


The Journey Begins

And so we officially started the adoption process this past Wednesday by turning in our application and a very large check. But the journey didn’t really start then. It goes way back, I was adopted and so were both of my brothers. People sometimes ask me, “when did you know that you were adopted?” In […]