Don’t worry, this is not a post for or against vaccines. This is not a post about the risks of vaccines. This isn’t even a post about which vaccines are given when.

Instead this is a post about a screaming 18 month old who got his vaccines.

Yes I was that mom in the Pediatrician’s office with the screaming child. And not just a screaming child, the screaming child the struck fear into every child in the waiting room. Even the newborn infants that we snuggled up in their little infant carriers were paralyzed with fear.

I think there were people on the other floor of the building that we were in that could hear the screaming.

And I’m pretty sure everyone in the hospital next door to the Pediatrician’s office could also hear the screaming.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the high school students across the street could also hear him screaming.

At least everyone knew that his lungs worked well….And his vocal cords.

As I walked out of the office and back into the waiting room (full of those who had just began to recover), I was met with fearful glances from the children who held anxiously to their mom’s hands. The new first time moms looked absolutely terrified and like they might make a run for the door. The only reassurance that I got were the smiling receptionist waving bye (I think she was thankful that she had left her hearing aides at home), and one other mom who had that knowing smile and look that told me she had been there.

And just so you don’t think my child suffered for long, it really only took some hugs, a paci, and a graham cracker to make it all better. A trip to the park didn’t hurt either. At least its 6 months till our next shots….


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