Training Again

So my blogging and my training seem to be very similar…not real regular. Oh well. Actually though my training has gone really well this spring and I’ve been fairly consistent and I’ve been feeling really good. Might have something to do with the fact that I’ve signed up for 3 races in May ranging in distance from a 9K to a ½ marathon. And May is quickly approaching. Quickly.

And to keep it interesting, because you know 3 races in a month isn’t quite enough (not to mention the two tris I have this summer) the 9K race is with me pushing a certain 3 year old in the stroller the whole way. I’ve heard rumors that there are a couple of decent sized hills on the course…I’m just going to ignore that rumor and pretend that it is all flat or slightly down hill and that Caedmon does not weigh nearly 30 pounds.

My Running partner...who is light as a feather....or something
My Running partner…who is light as a feather….or something

The ½ marathon is the same one that Clint and I do every spring. I’m excited about it and my long runs have been going really really well. I’m hoping I don’t totally die at 10 miles like I do every year. I ran 9+ last weekend and it went really well. The only slight hiccup this year that I see is that Clint has basically not done any running. Well to be truthful he’s done a couple of 3 mile runs but that’s the extent. So it could be an interesting race for him 🙂

Running out by the lake between rain storms last weekend
Running out by the lake between rain storms last weekend

And then Leighton is going to do the Bolder Boulder with me. It is a 10K race not far from our house and has grown to be one of the biggest 10Ks in the country. It will be Leighton’s first 10K, he’s done a couple of 5Ks and I have a strong feeling that there will be far more walking then jogging for the two of us, but I’m excited to do it with him and I think he’s looking forward to doing.

Getting ready to go for a training jog/walk
Getting ready to go for a training jog/walk

I don’t get to run every day, it’s a good week if I get 3-4 runs in, and I’m ok with that. I’ve got two little guys, a crazy work schedule and only so many hours in a day and in a week. Same with blogging. I enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts, and sometimes I write every day and others…well I may go a week or more between writing. And that’s ok. I do what I can, and even if no one reads any of this ever, it’s a place for me to just share and journal along the way.

I think my favorite part of training is being out on a run, whether it’s a walk/jog with Leighton, pushing the stroller, or the much coveted time by myself. I love just looking out and soaking in the beauty. I always feel refreshed and restored. Which is the whole point anyway.

Can't beat the view
Can’t beat the view