Little Hands

I’ve been washing windows around the house lately, a few every week or so, and inevitably it rains right after I wash them and they go back to looking just like they did before. However I came across the window in my youngest son’s bedroom and saw two perfectly formed handprints and I couldn’t bring myself to wash that window. I’m pretty sure based on the size of them they belong to my older son and there are plenty of little finger prints all around the set of hand prints that belong to both of them. I’m amazed at how fast those little hands grow.

And how helpful those little hands are. Whether it’s helping me weed the garden (that was actually a flower that those little hands just pulled), putting the dishes away (not real sure where that spoon ended up), loading the dishwasher (or how a shoe ended up in the dishwasher) and watering the flowers (aren’t watering cans great to splash around in?). But they are sweet little hands, whether tucked in my hand as we walk around the neighborhood to get the mail and stopping to examine every rock/stick/piece of grass along the way, or reaching across the way on the carrousel at the zoo for reassurance because one might be a little scared. And busy little hands, palying in the sand, climbing the slide, digging through the dirt, holding a book, throwing a ball, using a spoon, stirring a dessert, picking me a dandelion, clapping and waving at everything, they are in motion from sun up till sun down.

So I don’t think I’m going to wash those hand prints off yet. I have moldings of both their hands and feet from shortly after birth, and Leighton made me handprints at preschool this year for Mother’s day, but every time I see those handprints they make me smile and want to squeeze both of them a little closer.

Quick adoption update-we have moved up to 4th on the list and are working through all the paperwork, references and everything that has to be done. Someday soon we’ll have another set of fingerprints to add to the window!