Christmas 2020

Despite all things 2020 this year we had a great Christmas. The day was beautiful, it was relaxed, and we had a lot of fun. The kids actually slept in till almost 6:30….it might have been because I told them that I worked till late the evening before and asked if they could contain their excitement till at least 6AM which they did. Granted it was still dark by the time we did stockings with them but that’s expected….at least it wasn’t 4:30AM! The kids had a blast with stockings, they all got books, and disappearing ink pens and little radios for their rooms. Each of the kids drew each other’s names and got that person a gift which was fun to watch them pick out and give gifts to each other. Caedmon and Edric also took the gift giving and wrapped up some of their toy cars for Clint and I and Leighton made a cross out of nails for us as well. For Coppelia it was all things unicorn this year as that is her new favorite thing. Paxton got a drum set (that has headphones that we can plug in!) and I’m not sure we will see that boy much as he loves drums and usually turns anything he is near into a drum. Leighton got a great gym mat to practice his skills at home which he is excited about and the two middle boys got legos which they love. My parents came over mid morning and we did some more gifts which included fishing tackle boxes and reels and poles for the three middle boys, more unicorns for Coppelia and a bird cage for Leighton because he wants a parakeet. My brother and sister in law didn’t make it but they got the kids nerf guns which they were super excited about. We worked hard on lunch and enjoyed it immensely. We then all played with the kids building Legos, doing yoga with Coppelia, listening to Paxton play his drums and helped Leighton with his bird cage. We played a frisbee game outside and also played some Exploding Kittens which was fun. By the time I had to leave for my night shift at 6:15 we had had a fun and blessed day. Along the way we talked a lot about what the true meaning of the day was and gave thanks often for the gift of Christ and the hope and peace that only He can bring. So thankful in the midst of this crazy year to celebrate and enjoy one another in such a great way.