Christmas Eve 2020

On Christmas Eve this year we facetimed with Clint’s parents mid morning and the kids opened their gifts from Mimi and Papa. They had a great time, and unfortunately the gifts we sent them did not arrive in the mail by the time we did the facetime. Edric and Caedmon were really excited to get Titanic models to build, Coppelia got a yoga mat with a unicorn on it, Paxton got some construction trucks and Leighton got some shirts for gymnastics practice. They also opened the gift from Clint’s aunt which was a fun outdoor frisbee game. It was a beautiful day and so the kids all spread out to play with their toys and play outside. I worked Christmas Eve in the evening so I missed church, but Clint and the kids watched it from home. At work the local fire department brought in a huge banner signed by 58 different fire fighters from 3 area agencies which was really cool. We had a great day getting ready for Christmas!