Gardening 101 Week 20

Week 20? Is that possible already? Yes! You’ve been hard at work for 20 weeks now, and hopefully your garden is beginning to show the fruits of your hard labor.

I kind of think of this stage as maintenance. Things are ripening, the things that aren’t going to make it declared themselves long ago, and now you just get to sit back and enjoy (or more accurately dig through your plants and vines and find the ripe veggies).

Not everything is doing great. I planted 50 gladiolas, and I have one that actually bloomed. Not the greatest odds, and knowing that I have to dig the bulbs up and keep them in my basement till next spring and hope more bloom next year doesn’t have me the most excited…but the one that did bloom is gorgeous so I guess I’ll take it.



Same with my zinnias. I can’t tell you how many seeds I scattered. And I don’t have all that many that actually grew and bloomed (not counting the ones that my “helper” 2 year old pulled the buds off of…). But I’ve got some pretty ones of the few that decided to grow.


My peppers are a different story. They are going to town. Now if I can just get them and my tomatoes to ripen I’ve got the perfect recipe for salsa and spaghetti sauce. It has been a cool summer and so I think that is part of the delay in ripening.

photo 1 (4)





photo 3 (4)

photo 4 (2)

Enjoy, have a good week and keep harvesting!