New Flower Bed….

Last week we decided to put in a new flower bed. There had been some big green bushes which were beginning to look not so great and mostly just attracted flies all summer long. So we decided to take them out. Monday morning the kids at I attacked the bushes with a bunch of clippers…

Sprouts and Blooms!

I’m starting to have a couple early sprouts. My broccoli and brussel sprouts have poked through the dirt and I have tomatillos and cherry tomatoes starting. And then I have a couple daffodils starting to blood as well. All of these are adding some brightness and color to these days which all need a little.

Late Summer Blooms

In the spring I found a few Dahlia bulbs for less than 2$ at the grocery store and decided to plant them in what will be my bee garden next year. (My hive is all ready to go, I just had to wait an extra year because of some HOA approval stuff, so I’m using…

Mountain Flowers

When we went backpacking a couple of weeks ago, the mountains were teeming with wild flowers. There were flowers everywhere and they were amazing. There were also a number of mushrooms and wild strawberry plants around. They made an already beautiful trip even more gorgeous.

Summer Blooms

Here’s a quick look at some of the flowers blooming around my house….

Early Summer Blooms

So no new secrete here, I love flowers. And now that it finally stopped snowing, some of my flowers are starting to bloom. I have a number of Iris that have opened over the past week as well as my peony. They all just make the world a little brighter.

Planting Flowers….

So no lie here, I love spring. I love the grass turning green and flowers starting to poke through the ground and bloom. Tulips, Daffodils and Hyacinths just make me smile. I planted a few tulips and hyacinths last year right off our front porch and I noticed a couple of the hyacinths poking through…

And Flowers….

With as much as I enjoy gardening, my true love is growing flowers. I love flower gardens and I love making trips to the flower store. When we moved I had to leave behind my rose garden and flower garden that I had carefully worked on and added too for 6 years. I have been…

Sprouts Are Growing!

I love spring time. I think I’ve only said that about a million times. But it is still true. Even rainy Sunday afternoons, because I know that everything will be greener when the rain stops. Some of my flowers are blooming, I have tulips that are bright and beautiful and a couple little flowers here…

Re-potting The Sprouts

My sprouts are doing great! Well, at least some of them are, some of them forgot that their goal in life was to grow and become plants. So since it has been 3 weeks since I first planted the seeds I replanted the containers where nothing had grown. The only problem being that I never…