Late Summer Blooms

In the spring I found a few Dahlia bulbs for less than 2$ at the grocery store and decided to plant them in what will be my bee garden next year. (My hive is all ready to go, I just had to wait an extra year because of some HOA approval stuff, so I’m using the time to get my plants all established). I have never grown Dahlias before but I’m in love now. Granted, I forgot that I had planted one and promptly pulled it up thinking it was a weed, but I’ve learned my lesson and won’t do that next year. Also I’m a big fan of Gladiolus, granted I tend to think of them as funeral flowers because that’s where I usually see them, but they are just bright and cheery. And really no one can go wrong with Sun Flowers or Daisies or really any flower in that matter. And so here are a few shots of my late summer blooms as we start the slide into fall.