Home Project….

Over the last week we undertook a project in the entry way between the garage and the house. Actually it wasn’t so much “we”, but rather Clint and my dad took what was in my head and put it in place. The entrance way from the garage had a large closet that was great but not the most functional. It had had beautiful big wooden doors on it, but we took those doors off because the direction that the garage door opened and the doors meant that someone was constantly being smushed between the doors and it worked better without doors. We had a spot to hang coats and while my before photo actually has coats all hung up and shoes all in the closet it never actually looked like this and was mostly a mess of chaos.

The project started with demo like all good projects do and there were 5 helpers that wanted to help. They helped take down the walls of the closet. After their work was done my dad and Clint had to refinish the walls, fix the tile and then start building the cabinets. They hand built the cabinets and the bench and worked hard to get those installed

And then finally it was done, it took a little over a week and a lot of hard work on Clint and my dad’s part but it is exactly what I had pictured in my head and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Clint put in lights under the upper cabinet that are motion activated which is really nice as well. It really opened up the space and made it much more functional for all of us.