Favorite Things….

This past Saturday I got to witness both Caedmon and Leighton enjoying two of their favorite things. Caedmon’s was first. He started rehearsals for the ballet, Coppelia, (in case anyone ever wonder’s where we got Coppelia’s name it is in fact from the French ballet by the same name), last week and I was the parent volunteer for his rehearsal Saturday afternoon. We got there before his rehearsal and enough time for me to set up for temperature checks and signing in the kids. He initially set his stuff down in one spot and then realized because we were early and no one else was there from his rehearsal group that the spot in front of the window to the studio was open so he quickly moved there and glued himself to that window. He didn’t move even when other dancers arrived, he just sat and watched the older dancers in complete awe. On the way home he told me how much fun he had dancing and how happy it made him. From mid November until last week because of the COVID cases in the area all his dance classes and rehearsals had been moved to zoom and he was such a bummed and moody boy, when classes opened back up in person last week I got my smiley boy back. He’s also very excited because he gets to do a little solo in Coppelia and is so proud of it. When we got home it was Leighton’s turn for one of his favorite things. Because of all things COVID gym meets aren’t allowing spectators but thanks to the internet we can still watch from home. Clint made the kids pizza and everyone camped out to watch the Air Force/OU/Arizona State college gymnastics meet. Last year Clint and I went with Leighton to watch that same meet in person. One of the guys that use to train at his gym is on the Arizona State team and so he had a lot of fun watching and cheering him on. There have been so many things taken away this past year and yet finding little ways to help the kids still enjoy the things that they love has been really important and helped all of us through this tough time.