I love roses. I love all flowers, but my favorite by far is roses. If I was in charge of the world then I would have cut roses adorning everything, they would be planted everywhere and vases of them would fill every nook and cranny possible.

But I’m not yet in charge of the world and since it may take some time until I am, I have my own little rose garden. My roses have really enjoyed all the rain that we recently got (aka the great flood) and have just exploaded in color. They smell amazing too. Since I can’t post smells here, I instead will post a number of photos. Just enjoy them.






Like I said, I love roses. I know they have thorns, but what things in life that are truly beautiful don’t come at a price? I think for me they are a good reminder of what life is like. There are a lot of hardships and tough spots and times that just make you want to cry. But ultimately those I have a choice, I can either allow those hard things make me bitter and into a thistle weed, or allow them to shape and change me and make me stronger and ultimately beautiful like a rose. I think I’ll chose the rose.