Adoption Update, Oct 2013

We’ve been hanging out at spot #1 waiting for a baby boy referral for 2 months now. I was hoping maybe I’d have a little more to report. I know that since we are waiting for a baby who was born after the end of March, and babies start becoming available for adoption when they are 5-6 month we are at that spot. However I also know that everything is backed up right now. In talking with our agency last week, right now they haven’t gotten any referrals for babies born in 2013 yet, let alone March 2013, so its likely still going to be awhile. On top of that, the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korea which is in charge of approving all the paperwork (when we get to that spot) is moving 2 hours south of Seoul to a new town that is being developed. This is going to take place in the next month or so which will likely slow down the process for those that are in it already. Which like all things will have a trickle down affect. And so we continue to wait.

However, our homestudy was approved by the state and we just signed off on paper work to go to the Department of Immigrations which will mean another round of finger prints likely sometime in November.

And so we wait and pray.