Three In Bed

And I think they are all fast asleep. What a LONG day though! We definitely felt every prayer and feel so blessed to have such a community of people everywhere that were praying and thinking about us and encouraging us along the way.

The day started early. Too early if you looked at Edric’s face while I was trying to feed him breakfast. It was only 6:30 but he was not awake and would have nothing to do with eating. We got around and the last couple of things stuffed into one of the bags and set off. Our bags were filled to the brim, but we wanted to make it as easy as possible knowing we were going to have to walk to the subway, ride the subway, then the train and then walk through the airport with everything before we could check some bags and then keep our carry ons with us as well as a toddler. So we managed to fit everything into two bags to be checked and a backpack for Clint and small backpack for Edric (that actually probably weighed more than he did, but was easier for one of us to carry than a big backpack) and then the carrier for Edric to ride in. We checked out and were walking to the subway a little after 7 and made it to Seoul Station and bought our train tickets before 8. We caught the 8:22 train to the airport and got there a bit after 9 and made our way to the United ticket counter. It’s a bit of a hike to the ticket counters but I think it’s a bit of a hike anywhere at the Seoul airport. Clint noted that whoever is in charge of escalators in Korea has done very well as there are escalators everywhere. For example, at Seoul station our subway came in to basement 7 and we had to buy train tickets at basement 2 which meant we rode the escalators all the way up. (It goes all the way to floor 3, so basement 2 wasn’t even the top. And then we had to go back down to basement 7 for the train (but got to ride an elevator that time). And that’s just one small area. Multiple that a few hundred times and you get the idea.

On the train to the airport...he still wasn't awake....
On the train to the airport…he still wasn’t awake….

We got checked in and made it to our gate and bought sandwiches for lunch in Tokyo. Edric and I then went for a walk to get some energy out before our flight took off. Or rather it was a crazy toddler lopsided jog/run/stumble up and down the corridor of the terminal. No one seemed to mind us and we didn’t cause any accidents or major crashes and he only bit the dust once.

We got on our flight and realized we were in the last row, Edric and I were in seats B&C and Clint was across the aisle in D. I debated whether to stick him next to a stranger or put him in the aisle seat. There was a lady in seat A and she settled in and fell asleep so I figured she was safer than a toddler with an open aisle that he could take off down. I was worried as we were getting ready to take off and Edric was a crazy monkey and nothing entertained him or kept him at all interested and wondered if I was going to have to grow octopus arms to keep him entertained. As it was about 15 minutes after takeoff he sat down and then fell fast asleep and stayed asleep until we landed in Tokyo. I was in shock.

In Tokyo we ate our lunch and walked around a bunch trying to get our legs ready for the long flight. Edric was happy and easy going and played and ran and rode in the carrier. And then it was time to board our flight. We were on the Dreamliner again and had paid a little extra for the economy plus, which adds some inches and allows your seat to recline more. Definitely worth it. The flight was nowhere near full which was really nice.

Ready for take off to Denver!
Ready for take off to Denver!

As it turns out, we played some music for JoonSoo and he again was sound asleep moments after take off. And we had to wake him up an hour before we landed. Clint went to some of the empty seats and actually laid down and slept pretty good. I had Edric’s head on my leg or snuggled up against me so I didn’t sleep as well and kept waking to check on him every few little bit but by the time we woke him up I felt decently rested.

We went through customs and immigration and Edric JoonSoo is now officially an American Citizen! We had friends and family waiting for us which was super fun and the boys all got to meet each other which was really sweet.

Before long we were headed home in the van with my dad driving. And then started to figure out what life looks like now. Edric stayed happy all afternoon and played well with Leighton and Caedmon. I think Caedmon is feeling a little displaced and not sure what to do with all of this and its going to be a bit of an adjustment. I told Clint at one point in the midst of the chaos this afternoon (oh yeah, life with three boys all less than 4 years apart in age is CRAZY), that I know I should be feeling something but I don’t know what. I said that I felt like I did when I brought each of the other two home from the hospital, I know my life just changed in a big way but don’t really have feelings or know how to even figure it all out. Luckily there will be plenty of time to sort through all of this newness and we get to do it as a family of 5. But for now, I’m headed to bed!

Van ride home
Van ride home-Edric’s asleep again
3 boys in the sandbox
3 boys in the sandbox
Sidewalk chalk
Sidewalk chalk
These two aren't real sure of each other, but they'll hold hands on the walk
These two aren’t real sure of each other, but they’ll hold hands on the walk
3 boys (and a mommy) ready for bed. I promise Caedmon is not naked, you just can't see his bottoms
3 boys (and a mommy) ready for bed. I promise Caedmon is not naked, you just can’t see his bottoms