Thursday Adventures

Despite me trying to have at least two days a week that didn’t have a commitment this year I was only successful in getting one evening during the regular week that we don’t have something going on. Yes we get to spend most lunches together because we homeschool and the littles are home from preschool by lunch time, but getting to eat dinner or spend the evening together is just different. And its different than having a weekend dinner together as well. So Thursday has become our evening together. And so we are taking advantage of that and making the most of it. Not every Thursday night is going to be full of adventure and fun, sometimes it might just be a dinner around the table together and bike or walk around the block. And some Thursday evenings I still have to work, but we are figuring some things out and just enjoying the time that we have.

About a month ago we spent our Thursday evening with pizza at a local lake that my dad recently became a member of. The evening was clear and beautiful and we just had fun fishing. As is typical most fish are pretty safe from actually being caught because at least the majority of us are not the greatest fisher-people. Might have something to do with lack of patience, loud voices and throwing rocks in the lake….but none the less they all had fun.

People often say “the days go slow but the years go fast”. And that seems so true. We live in a very busy society and we are learning to say no to really good things so that we can say yes to the very best things. Clint and I had the opportunity to join a small group at our church that meets on Thursday nights. And initially we were all in, and then looking at our week and stepping back realized that at least in the season of life we have the opportunity to make memories and enjoy each other and that is truly the best thing right now. Seasons come and seasons go and things change and that’s all ok, just figuring out what is the best for our family right now is important.