And Coppelia is 4!

4 years ago on August 21, 2015, Clint and I were actually in Seoul, we flew out early that afternoon after Edric’s court meeting on the 20th for his adoption. Little did we know that across the city our little spitfire of a girl was making her way into the world. I think had we listened close enough we would have heard her grand entrance because I’m pretty sure she has done nothing quietly in her life. Everything she does is on full volume.

We celebrated her birthday over a couple of different days because of scheduling things. Over the weekend we had her requested dinner of mandu and gimbop and fried rice as well as brownies with my parents, Honey and Grandpa. Her actual requested meal was ice cream, cake, brownies, and cupcakes, but I told her that she needed something besides sweets to eat for her meal. She helped me make the brownies in the afternoon which she loved to do. We started out outside but then the wind picked up so we ended up inside for candles and presents. My mom made her a snow white dress (hint hint hint for what we are all going to dress up for Halloween) and wrapped it in a salad bowl box. She actually wasn’t all that impressed with the dress and wanted to know where the salad and the bowl were. So long story short she’s been sleeping with a plastic salad bowl and the box in her bed since that time and is so pleased with them (who needs princess dresses when you can have a salad bowl????). They also got her a ukulele which she really likes and has been playing. We are thinking maybe she can learn to play a simple Christmas song with Clint for her preschool program.

Today on her birthday she woke up to balloons and streamers decorating the stairs and then first words out of her mouth when I walked in her room was “Is today my birthday?”. When I told her it was she said “oh thank you!”. During breakfast she opened two stamp sets from her brothers. It was then kind of a quick morning as she and Paxton had preschool and the other 3 boys had orientation for their homeschool program. She wore the watermelon skirt that I made for her and we even managed to curl her hair. At preschool she got to be the special helper and wear a crown and lead a parade.

After preschool we had lunch and got to do brownies and candles again which she loved. She then opened the gift from Clint and I which is a set of all sorts of little musical instruments which she has enjoyed playing. She opened the gift from Clint’s parents which was a remote control jeep which she has been wanting a remote control since all her brothers have one.

It has been a good 4th birthday and we are so thankful that this sparkly loud tom boy of a little girl is part of our family. To say she is headstrong would be an understatement and she is definitely going to grow our parenting skills and prayer life but we are so thankful we get to be her mommy and daddy.