Week of Prayer Day 3, May 2nd

1st Trip Travel- Please pray for the logistics with flights and dates. Pray that ticket prices won’t be unreasonable and that scheduling works out with Leslie’s work. Our time in Korea will be roughly one week, pray for quick adjustment to the difference in times as Korea is 15 hours ahead. While we are there we will have two meetings with Edric and his foster family, each for about an hour. Pray that those times go well and that we are not only able to learn about Edric and his likes/dislikes/habits/etc but also begin the process of connecting and attaching during that time. While there we will appear before the judge, pray that our time in court goes well and we are able to communicate and answer the questions clearly through the translator. Pray for favor from the judge. Please pray for health and safety as we travel. Pray for Leighton and Caedmon as they are home with Leslie’s parents that their time would be sweet and go smoothly.

All images in Week of Prayer are taken from Google Images under search for Seoul Korea