Week of Prayer Day 2 May 1st

Government Approval/Court Date/Judge Assignment: Please pray that our file would be approved by the government, we have waited over 90 days for approval. After the government has approved our file it is submitted to the family court and a judge is assigned. There are currently two judges that are overseeing adoption cases, pray that God have us assigned to the best judge for our situation. Please pray for a timely court date assignment, in the past it has taken anywhere between 1 week to 7 months to be assigned a date. Pray for the judge that we are assigned and that he or she is favorable towards us. Please pray for the logistics with the court date that Leslie’s work schedule will be favorable at that time and not add additional stress or worry to the situation. Pray that the judge will be able to look objectively at our case, and that there won’t be added delay with the request for additional information or resources.

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