New Flower Bed….

Last week we decided to put in a new flower bed. There had been some big green bushes which were beginning to look not so great and mostly just attracted flies all summer long. So we decided to take them out. Monday morning the kids at I attacked the bushes with a bunch of clippers while Clint ran to get some more wood to finish off our bridge in our vegetable garden. When he came home we had no bushes left. Tuesday we moved all the rock out. The kids were great help, they would pull up their wagons or wheel barrows or whatever and Clint and I would shovel rocks into them and then they took the rocks out to the shed and Leighton directed everyone to dump them such a way that they made a path between the bee garden, the shed, and the vegetable garden. That evening my dad came over and used his 4-wheeler to pull the roots out. I worked a couple of nights and then on Friday we had dirt delivered and Clint put in bricks to make a retaining wall at the level of each stair. Then we started moving dirt and filling in the beds. Once we got that all set I spent the afternoon planting plants. I had bought some plants and then moved some from the front, and then my mom had a few extra as well and very quickly things filled in. One of our neighbors had some extra mulch that they weren’t using so they gave us that and so by Saturday morning everything was all done and in place. The bees love the new plants and we are very happy with it. Everyone worked really hard but we had a good time.