Paxton is 5!

Paxton turned 5 on Wednesday! We spread his celebration out over a couple of days because he just started gymnastics on Wednesday evenings so we had his birthday dinner on Tuesday night. He has been telling me for the past month that for his birthday that he wanted a big tall cake with frosting all over it. My mom asked if she could bake it with him and since we have really only been in contact with my parents through all of this COVID-19 stuff it sounded like a good plan. He had a ton of fun baking the cake with my mom and decorating it. For his birthday dinner he wanted pasta, kielbasa, and dumplings. So that is what we had and then finished it off with his cake. My parents gave him a big tonka dump truck which he promptly took out in the yard to start moving dirt. Wednesday morning he opened a transformer from his siblings and a tool set from Clint and I. Later in the morning he did facetime with Clint’s parents and opened a stuffed penguin and penguin book which he put in the back of his dump truck and went all over the yard with. He finished the day at gymnastics which he just loves and we can watch from outside via the big garage doors and even that far away can see his huge smile and he swings and jumps everywhere. Paxton is our snuggler, he loves to curl up on my lap and while he may be a little guy, in his mind he is huge and that doesn’t stop him from doing anything. He loves to be tickled and his laugh will bring a smile to anyone’s face. Happy birthday buddy!