Edric’s 6th Package

Some days are easier than others to think about packing up packages. I know that Edric is getting great care, but each package also is a reminder that he is not home yet, and I wonder how many more I will have to pack before  he is home and running around the house with his two brothers. Some days its just easier not to think about that.

And so we have package number 7. I made another photo book which was fun and I got to include photos from Easter when all of us were dressed up. Somehow we all managed to be in bright blue which wasn’t exactly planned but worked great for the photos. We also bought an Easter Lilly in Honor of Edric and that was displayed in church as well as our message to him which was a bittersweet reminder. I took a photo of the flower and the message and included that in the photo book.


My mom (Honey as the boys call her) made another fun blanket for him, so I put that in the package as well as some cute summery clothes. It’s kind of hard to guess if what I send will fit him. I try to guess based off the weights that are sent with his monthly updates.



I found a couple of little books. Both Leighton and Caedmon loved books that they could touch and feel and so I included a new little one in this package, and saved a couple others to send in the months to come.


I have heard from families that have traveled that soaps and shampoos are very expensive in Korea, so I added a couple of little baby shampoo bottles as well as a little bottle of sunscreen. I included another note for foster mom as well as some chocolate peppermint candies.


All of this is wrapped up with lots of love and sent with a family that is traveling to pick up their little one. I am so thankful for those that are willing to go. It is a huge blessing to be able to at least feel like I am making a connection with my little one who is so far away.