Broken Hearts…..

We sat down the other night and had a very frank but age appropriate discussion with the kids about the riots and racial tensions going on. They voiced their understanding as best as they could at their respected ages but then after we tucked them into bed that night Caedmon came out and said he was upset. I pulled him into my lap as we rocked in the chair and asked him what was going on. He teared up and said “I don’t want my brothers and sister to be treated differently because of their skin”. My heart broke at his understanding and realization at the pain that the world is experiencing. I told him that I know and that it isn’t fair that people are treated differently because of their skin and the only way to make that change is to be aware that it happens and make a difference in how we treat and respond to people. We talked about how God made everyone and we are all different and unique but also valuable no matter the color of our skin, our beliefs, our likes or dislikes, or our struggles. The only way to make a difference is to treat everyone with the respect and value that they deserve. He still cried a little as we rocked and ultimately let him fall asleep in my bed which seemed to help. I don’t know how to fix and sometimes how to even help with the divides going on right now outside of making sure I set an example and treat each and every person I meet with respect and dignity and teach my children the same. Even a few days later the boys were talking about some neighbors and how some said they weren’t going to invite other kids over because of one thing or another, nothing to do with race, but a good chance to talk with the kids about how to stand up and set an example of reaching out to others even when others don’t want to. It’s a little thing, but eventually a lot of little things will add up as we navigate and destroy the barriers that have for too long divided us.