Family Ornaments and Lights….

We had a very relaxing family day on the 23rd. We read books, played games, and just hung out. Late that afternoon Paxton got to open the gifts that his foster family had sent him which he was really excited about. The first gift were two calendars with various photos from the last year of our entire family. It was really thoughtful and Paxton put one on his desk and one in the homeschool area for everyone to enjoy. Then he opened the big box that his foster family sent with all sorts of Korean goodies to eat, some really cute clothes with socks and underwear, and a pair of shoes for himself and some for Coppelia. He also got a huge transformer which he is super proud of and has been carrying around ever since. His foster family is so sweet and we are thankful for each of the kids’ foster families and the love and care that they gave each kid. I was able to send some photos off to Coppelia’s foster family a couple of weeks ago and I am waiting for some others that I printed to mail for Paxton and Edric’s foster families.

After Paxton opened his foster family gifts we finished out the last of our advent readings and ornaments. It ultimately is the true reason that we do any of this and what this whole season is all about. It was a good time of sharing and remembering like it has been for the past month. We then did our family ornament exchange. Each person gets to pick out an ornament and then we wrap it up and exchange them so everyone opens someone else’s and then hangs them on the tree. Everyone picked very interesting ornaments this year and it was fun to add them to our tree. After opening those the kids opened a family gift from me which was our family matching pjs (thank you Carters Black Friday 5$ deal pajamas). We ate a quick dinner and then headed out to look at Christmas lights which was really fun. It was a great relaxing family day which we all needed.