Changing Leaves

I spent the morning on the preschool field trip to one of the local pumpkin patches. We took a little tour and saw old machinery, sheep, chickens, a donkey and a array of other farm animals. I think the kids love the straw maze the best. As I drove Leighton and one of the other little guys back to the preschool I was amazed at all the changing leaves and wide array of colors.


I love Fall. I love Summer too, and I’m a big fan of Spring, but Winter not so much. (but that’s an entirely other post). With the coming of Fall and the leaving of Summer there are somethings that I’ll miss, and others I look forward to the change.

Instead of dripping melting ice cream cones we’ll have warm apple cider.

No longer am I weeding and watering my garden, but instead taking in the last of the harvest and pulling up plants and bedding the garden down.

Instead of bare feet and shorts, we are in shoes and jeans.

I miss little naked boys running and giggling through the sprinklers in the afternoons, but look forward to evenings cuddled on the chair reading our favorite books.

No longer am I looking for a spot in the shade while we play outside but rather a spot in the sun to stay warm.

We’ve traded daily applications of sunscreen for grabbing out coats wherever we head.

The greens and blossoms of summer have faded to the glorious reds, oranges, and goldens splashed across the blue Colorado sky

Early morning workouts before it’s too hot have been traded for later in the day workouts when its warm enough

Like I said before, I love fall. It’s the pause between the hot and stickiness of summer before the dark and gray and cold winter rolls in. Each year I hope that fall holds on just a little longer before the coldness takes over and I long for springs warming sun rays.


So soak up this time, step outside and breath in the deep, cool crisp air that only comes with Fall. Let the sun warm your bones before the coldness sets in. Drink some warm tea or cider and sit on some hay bales and breath deep.