Clothing Optional…

There seems to have been a memo sent around my household sometime in the last week that mentioned that clothing was optional. I did not receive this particular memo and I’m trying to track down its origins. Of note, my husband seemed to have received the opposite memo though, as it’s gotten slightly cooler (ie the high today was 65) and he still has his humid Oklahoma blood and so he’s been walking around in a winter hat, down coat and three layers of socks.

Nevertheless my two boys seem to deeply believe that clothing is in fact an optional part of daily life.

Granted, we’ve been letting our 18 month old go a little free as we’re attempting some early potty training…yeah attempting being the key word. (trust me, I’m sure there will be a post or two coming) However our 4 year old has somehow decided that he should be going free as well.

Well, except for pajamas. And then it’s only pajamas that are made out of fleece “fuzzy pajamas” and those with feet sewn in them. I have found that it is harder and harder to find footie jammies the bigger that he gets. I don’t have many options after he grows out of the 5Ts, at least we have a year before we cross that bridge.

But once he’s out of his jammies after breakfast, he’s decided that he doesn’t really need to put anything else on. Clint has declared that he must at least wear underwear. I think it comes from the trauma he experiences every Tuesday at his job. As part of his job he is the locker room chaperone for the kindergartners at the local charter school. They go swimming once a week at the rec center. Never having been in a men’s locker room at the rec center, I have however been informed that the men’s locker room is full of old men walking around naked with no shame. Throw in 17 kindergarten boys, and I can understand my husband’s insistence on underwear.

So then I’ve got a 4 year old running around in his underwear. However I’ve begun to think that the “optional clothing” memo that went around somehow referenced the Village People, because as well as his underwear he usually has on his plastic construction hat and his bear claw slippers. All of this of course while dancing to a pig oinking “Old McDonald Had a Farm” playing loudly in the background.

And while I have taken photos of him and have those tucked away for future black mailing I will refrain from posting any here, although I believe I’ve painted a clear enough picture for you of my daily “normal”.

If any of you find the “memo sender” could you please have them send a memo about wearing clothes (all of them?). Thanks!