Where is Jesus?

That is a question we hear frequently in our house.

Usually it is yelled in total panic.

You see, Jesus is Jesus in our house, but we also have, Jesus.

Let me introduce you to him:


I know, not quite the picture that you had in your mind, but yes the popsicle shaped man is Jesus. And in reality, it’s really not, but don’t tell that to Leighton.

Let me explain. A few weeks ago in preschool they had a story about how Jesus healed the paralyzed man when his friends lowered him through a hole in the roof. When he landed in front of Jesus, Jesus told the man to take up his mat and walk, and he did. (Mark 2:1-12). So in preschool class they made a house and painted it and cut a hole in the top, and then took the popsicle and painted that (it was suppose to be the man on the stretcher) so they could retell the story when they got home. Leighton got confused somewhere along the way and decided that the popsicle man is actually Jesus in the story.

And so Jesus has been going everywhere with us and we’ve been hearing a lot about what Jesus likes. We can’t leave in the van unless Jesus is safe in the car seat with Leighton. And he can’t go to bed at night unless he knows that Jesus is there in bed with him. Jesus often joins us at the dinner table and we often have to say “put Jesus down and eat your broccoli please Leighton”.

And there is panic if Jesus happens to go missing.

Yeah, you try and keep track of a popsicle stick.

At least this Jesus is bigger than the baby Jesus that he brought home last year from preschool, that was one of those wooden ice cream spoons. And not only did we have to keep track of baby Jesus but also his “swaddeling clothes”. Trust me, Leighton carried and rocked baby Jesus through mid April.

And then I picked him up from preschool today, and we don’t have Jesus, instead we have baby Moses. Smaller then both baby Jesus and Jesus. Great. At least we’ve already built baby Moses a house.