And Today We Met Coppelia….

It has been a full and emotional week and today was no different. Our meeting with Coppelia was scheduled for 11. Things don’t really open or get going in Seoul until at least… Continue reading

Our Second Meeting with Paxton…

First off let me start by saying that it is after 8PM Seoul time and Clint and I are both still awake…I know…quite amazing since we have been snoring logs by this point… Continue reading

On Riding Busses and Climbing (Icy) Mountains….

Today was our one free day. And what an adventure we had.  The day started early for me thanks to the time change…I was wide awake from about 3AM on. Clint finally woke… Continue reading

Today We Met Paxton!

It was such a good day! And it’s currently 7:30PM and we are both fighting to stay awake…but it was an amazing day. We got into Seoul pretty late last night and by… Continue reading

Headed Out…

Bags are packed. Schedule for my parents written out. Passports ready. T-cards for the subway easily accessible. Books loaded on the Kindle. Toothbrush in the carry on. Fridge and pantry stocked for the… Continue reading

Happy Lunar New Year 2017!

The Korean and Chinese Lunar New Year are the same time, and they have the same zodiac calendar. As we are raising our family we have decided to incorporate parts of the Korean… Continue reading

Seoul Ready….

8 Days. Yep in 8 days we hop on a flight for a very long time and will eventually end up in Seoul, ready to meet out kiddos. We got word a few… Continue reading

Bolder Boulder 2017 Training

And so it begins. Actually since I made it my goal to run 1000 miles this year I started running on the 1st, with the intent of getting ready to train and be… Continue reading

And Then There Are Days…

I think every parent has them. You know those “days”. This moments when you either decide to laugh or cry, and often you’re not sure which one to do. Mine was last Thursday.… Continue reading

Oh To Be 4 1/2….

Caedmon, you are one fun little boy right now. I love your logic and outlook on life and how you just brighten days. The world is beginning to open up to you as… Continue reading

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