More Glasses….

Edric joined the world of glasses this past month. I had wondered over the past few months if he could see real well. He had always done pretty well at his yearly eye appointments but our eye doctor had always said he was going to tip over and need glasses at some point. And his eyes were significantly worse at this last check up so I wasn’t surprised. Paxton also needed new glasses so they both picked out frames. For Paxton we have been using Tomato glasses because they are made in Korea and made for their face and nose shape and so we got online to order frames for both. Edric picked out frames in his favorite color, and honestly as long as he’ll wear them and likes them I don’t really care. Paxton chose a different color than before, he’d had blue camo but changed to a black/yellow/tan/green turtle version. We got the frames in from Korea and then took them into the eye center and they called me about a week later with the frames and lenses all ready. Edric has been amazed at all the things he can see, he told me after church “I can even see the screen on the other side of the church with the song words”. And he likes that he can see the leaves on the trees and planes flying outside the window. He’s able to be enrolled in the same study that Paxton is in for eye drops so he’ll get that started soon. On the way to gymnastics the night Paxton got his new glasses he told me, “my teammates are going to think my new glasses are really cool”. I tried to warn him that his team of 6-9year olds likely aren’t even going to notice the difference and I didn’t want him disappointed, but he was quite sure they would. When we picked him up he said they in fact did not notice but he told them anyway and they all said they liked them.