A Whale…..

Coppelia came home from her Heritage Girls meeting last month telling me that she was going to be in a play and she needed to make a whale costume. And the whale needed to be blue and have sparkles. I looked at the form that she brought home on which she had only written what I made out to be Jonah. Now if I had been thinking I should have texted her leader and asked for some clarifying details, but I asked her what her whale needed to look like and she just kept telling me sparkly and blue. So a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and we had all sorts of sparkly things and blue poster board to make said whale. We decided to make a big puppet that she could hold up for the play that she was in and we got to work. All together it probably took us 4 or 5 evenings and she definitely had a plan as to what this whale was going to look like. Initially we put all the sparkles on the water spout but realized that it looked more like a crown….so we made a new spout and changed the direction of the sparkles….still looked a bit like a crown but not as much. And our whale had purple sparkly fins with gold accents, lovely eyelashes and a pink sparkly mouth. We added tissue paper waves to the bottom and glued various seashells to the sides as well. She loved crafting each night and was so glad when we worked on it. She is very excited for her play and so proud of the whale we made.