Airplanes and More Airplanes….

Last weekend Leighton had a gymnastics meet in Tacoma, Washington and so he and I flew out to explore and spend the weekend. After landing in Tacoma we headed to the Museum of Flight and had a great afternoon exploring all their exhibits and planes. In the first part there were a number of different models and actual early flight machines with the history all laid out. There was also a section on the Vietnam War and the planes used in that. There was an Apollo exhibit and a space exhibit as well. We then walked across the over highway bridge next to the original barn that Boeing used to build their first planes (unfortunately it was closed that day to the public) to a second building which had more space exhibits including the Nasa Full Fuselage Trainer where they trained astronauts. After that we explored the open air (it was very chilly) hanger that had even more plane models, many of which we could walk through. We got to walk on the Air Force One that carried Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon and even saw Johnson’s hat rack still in the Presidential State Room aboard. There was also a Dreamliner which Leighton was very impressed with how big it was since he’s never been on an international flight. We walked back across the bridge to the first side and discovered a whole other building that we hadn’t seen the first time with all sorts of planes and history on the World Wars. The exhibits were very interactive and we both learned a ton. It was a great first afternoon of exploring but we were both ready to find out Airbnb and settle in for the night.