Sea Lions, Space Needle and Gym Meet…..

Day two in Tacoma brought more cold and rainy weather but we didn’t let that stop us. We loaded up and headed to Point Defiance along Puget Sound and did some exploring. We wore many layers under our rain coats and looked like little marshmallow people. It was amazing how green everything was, and clearly rain and wet is a normal part of every day life there. We walked along the beach and Leighton found various sea shells and super smooth rocks. We took a path off the beach into the green areas and went exploring. When we came back down to the beach there were two sea lions frolicking in the water. We had so much fun watching them swim around. It took both of us by surprise. We headed to the other side of Point Defiance and walked down the path and to a lookout to see the Tacoma Narrows Bridge which was pretty neat. It was still early in the day and Leighton’s meet wasn’t till that evening so we drove up into Seattle and went to the Space Needle. We decided not to go up in it because it was so cloudy but enjoyed walking around and found a really neat fountain nearby as well. After some rest and an early dinner we headed to Leighton’s meet. We had a few adventures in the parking garage which we managed to survive and made it in to his meet in plenty of time. The meet was very big, there were two girls meets going on at the same time and it was the second session of the day, and there were 6-8 more sessions planned for the rest of the weekend. The exhibit hall that it was in had all sorts of umbrellas hanging from the ceiling which was really neat. Leighton did well, the meet went really late and I know he got tired. His scores were all over the place, and when he landed his vault his feet slipped out under him and he sat his landing down. That bothered him and affected him on his next event and coach had to pull him aside and have a heart to heart and help him get out of his head. As a result he ended up doing his best high bar routine of the season. It was a good meet to learn some good lessons from and know what he needs to work on for upcoming state and regional meets.