I am a wife, mommy, and ER doctor, sometimes all at once and sometimes one at a time.


Yes its that time in the Armstrong household again. No, not the time when we gorge ourselves on M&Ms, but rather potty training time. For some crazy reason when Leighton was almost 21 months I got it in my head that he needed to be potty trained. Most the people around me told me that […]


Christmas Cards

Or I guess I should say lack of Christmas cards. Not Christmas cards that we’ve received, we’ve gotten quite a few this holiday season (thank you everyone) but actually Christmas cards that we’ve sent. Or actually failed to send this year. Yep we didn’t do a single card this year. In retrospect we probably should […]


The World Is Safer

Sometimes I’m amazed what some scraps of material and a little time on the sewing machine can produce.  Clint and I had had a discussion one night about little boys and while we have tried hard to avoid and keep out most of the violent toys and such from our house, we decided that our […]


Black Finger Friday

While most of the US was out shopping early Friday morning, Clint and I got to make a journey down to Denver to get our “biometrics” taken. It sounded super exciting, it wasn’t. First off, biometrics is a fancy way of saying “finger prints”. We got an official letter from the US government Department of […]


Fellow Friends

We had the opportunity to get together with some friends from college the other night for dinner at their house. We have the unique relationship with them that even though it’s been a number of months since we last had the chance to get together we are able to pick up and start talking like […]


Thankfulness Jar

As we are rapidly approaching Thanksgiving this week, I decided to do something this year to help get my family ready all month long. I’ve seen a number of people post something every day that they are thankful for throughout the month but wanted to make it a little more tangible and noticeable in our […]