Week of Prayer Day 5, May 4th

Final Approval/Custody- Once we are granted Final Approval we will be able to travel back and take custody and obtain Edric’s Visa and bring him home. Pray for those flight details as we will not have much time to make those flight arrangements. Pray for custody as Edric will leave the only home he has ever known and suddenly be placed in a completely new situation, and while we know he is coming home to his forever family, he does not know that. Pray for his grief and transition and attachment. Pray for the flight home with a 2 year old who does not speak the same language or know us, pray that the long hours go as smoothly as possible.

All images for Week of Prayer taken from Google Images under search for Seoul Koreaplummer-anthony-gyeongbokgung-palace-changing-of-the-guard-gwanghwamun-seoul-south-korea