I am a wife, mommy, and ER doctor, sometimes all at once and sometimes one at a time.

Planting Day

So I cheated with my planting. I planted my plants on the 16th instead of today on the 17th. Oops. Actually it was a matter of I work on the 17th and it was gorgeous outside and so after church I had some “helpers” and I planted my seeds. One of my helpers had a […]


First Birthday Package

The first birthday in Korea is very important. And even though Edric’s is still a little while (April 30th) I didn’t know how long shipping would take and wanted to make sure he had his package in plenty of time. The first birthday celebration in Korea is called a Dol, and there are some very […]


Gardening 101

First off in no way do I have this gardening thing figured out. I have had some great successes, but I have also had some dismal failures (should we even mention the Home Depot flower towers that their commercials last year made look amazing? yeah mine looked nothing like that…AT ALL). However a number of […]


A Blue Room

We moved Leighton and Caedmon into a room together a few months ago and plan on putting Edric in that same room when he comes home. We’ve been told that the little ones coming home are use to sleeping with someone and so I think all three sharing a room will go pretty well. We […]


Adoption News

I wish I had better news to report but it’s been a couple of rough weeks with adoption news from Korea. The court process has slowed way down again . Part of that is due to a number of the judges that were seeing adoption cases were recently switched out and replaced. The courts are […]