So as you may recall I decided to take an adult beginning ballet class last fall. And I had a blast. The class stopped for the summer and I have missed it. Not only did I learn a lot and have fun, but my running and overall fitness got better (enough that I noticed the difference that it made). I’m already looking forward to the class starting again in a couple of weeks.

There were a couple of nights last spring when Clint had a meeting or other commitment so I took the boys with me to class on those nights. Sometimes they just sat and watched but Caedmon really liked to try and participate and luckily the teacher had a lot of patience. As we walked out after those classes Caedmon always said “I do good at bow-lay huh mommy?” He would often imitate me if I was practicing while teaching Leighton homeschool or cooking dinner.

Now granted his version of “bow-lay” doesn’t look much like ballet to the everyday observer. It looks more like a combination of a worm wiggling mixed with a ninja-elephant dancing. But he is so proud of it and walks around saying “I is so good at bow-lay”.

A couple of weeks I was looking at the class schedule for where the boys’ do gymnastics trying to plan out the fall semester and I noticed that they offered a preschool combo class where for ½ an hour they do ballet and then for ½ an hour they do gymnastics. Caedmon loves his gymnastics class and I didn’t know what he would think of a ballet class, so on the way home I asked him if he wanted to try a ballet class too. His eyes lit up and he said “oh yes mommy, I is so good at bow-lay”.

And so he came to be signed up for the combo class. I asked Clint what he thought and he said, “you know, he’ll learn good coordination and even if he only does it for a semester or so, if he enjoys it, then it’s worth it, and if not, then we know not to do it again”.

And so, he is now the owner of little black “bow-lay” shoes and we are all looking forward to his first class. Hope his teacher is ready!

“Bow-lay” shoes