Dear Edric #8

Dear Sweet Boy-

I woke up from my overnight shift this afternoon and found an email from my social worker and knew from the numbers and initials across the subject line that it meant there were photos inside. It has been over two months since we last had a photo of you! Between MERS outbreak and audits at the agency the June photos never got sent and so we were longing to see your face.

In less than two weeks we will see you face to face. We are so excited to meet you! And play with you. I am hoping that for the two hours (one on Monday and one on Wednesday) that time stands still while we play and interact and get to know you. We have known that you are ours for a long time, and I don’t know how long or how much you even understand right now.

Every child born should have the basic right of a family. And unfortunately your story didn’t start out that way and so while we know we are your family we know that it is going to take awhile for you to understand that. And that is ok. You actually have three moms and together we are all part of your story and your life and always will be. You have your birth mom who carried you for a little under 9 months and whose genes and blood make up your being. And then for the past two years this week you have been cared for, loved, taught, sung to, by your foster mom. Her care for you will go beyond the two years you have spent in her home and while we are excited to welcome you home I know her heart is breaking knowing that you are leaving hers. And then there is me. I know you don’t know me yet and I look different and smell different and definitely talk different then you do, but I am your mommy and will stand by you through thick and thin and look forward to celebrating with you as you learn to ride a bike and wipe the tears off your cheek when you fall off that same bike. I will be by your side from now until one of us is no longer walks this planet and waits for the other on the other side of eternity. Sweet boy, I’m going to make lots of mistakes, just ask your two brothers, but you will always have my love and open arms.

And you may have questions, please know that I welcome those questions and if I don’t know I will do all I can to help answer those. And know that like you, I also am not blood related to anyone that I call my family but that doesn’t make them any less of a family or any less “real” and it doesn’t change the love that my mommy and daddy have for me. And it won’t change it for you either. We will figure this family thing out, even though it’s going to be a little rough at the beginning, that’s ok. Someday we will sit down and read these letters together and I will tell you of how we prayed and waited and waited and prayed. We knew that there was a little boy that needed a family and we are a family that needs a little boy.

And so sweet Edric JoonSoo as this new chapter begins and we will soon meet face to face and wrestle on the floor and play with bubbles and play-doh in a little room on the other side of the ocean, know that you are loved deeply in my heart already and always will be.

With Love,