Week of Prayer Day 7, May 6th

Foster Family/Korea/children waiting- We are so indebted to the Kim family (Edric’s Foster family) and the love that they have poured out to Edric each and every day since they took custody of him when he was just 4 months old. Please pray for all of their hearts as they prepare and then will ultimately say good bye to him. Praise God for the love and care that they have given him. Please pray that they would start and continue to prepare Edric for the changes that are coming. Pray that there is a way that our families can stay connected as he grows older. Pray for the single moms of Korea and the difficult struggle they face day in and day out, having to choose to put their children up for adoption vs. being shunned and outcaste from society forever. Pray for support and counseling and help for each of those women. Pray for the thousands of little ones waiting in Korea, and then hundreds of thousands of children around the world waiting for families to call their own. Pray for families to take bold steps and bring those little ones home into their families.

All images for Week of Prayer taken from Google Images search for Seoul Korea