Grandpa Boots

Every little boy needs a hero. And not just the cartoon versions either. While Superman, Spiderman, Batman and all the others are great, every little boy needs a real person that they admire and look up to and want to be just like.

For Caedmon that’s my Dad. He loves Grandpa. Not to say he doesn’t love the other grandparents or family members, but Grandpa right now is his hero. And last weekend when we were digging in the shoe bin for something we found a pair of work boots that I had bought Leighton when he was Caedmon’s size that he never wore. Caedmon saw them and his eyes lit up. He immediately put them on and announced that he had “Grandpa boots” on.

And let me tell you, those boots have gone everywhere with us. They went to swim lessons last week (and what a fashion statement they made), to church, all over the neighborhood and helped us plant the garden. He barely takes them off at night, and in fact most nights they “sleep” under the bed. I think they would be there now if they had not gotten soaking wet yesterday while he was playing outside. They are currently in the garage drying out but he has already checked on them a couple times to see if they were dry enough yet.

Grandpa boots and swim suit
Grandpa boots and swim suit


And so while most kids this time of year are pulling out sandals and crocs and water shoes we will likely be breaking all sorts of fashion rules with his shorts and boots all summer long. Pretty soon he will move on to something else but for now I’m going to cherish these moments.