Garden is In!….And Possibly Drowning

So I didn’t quite make my “in by Mother’s Day” rule for getting my garden it. Because it was snowing. On May 10th. Snowing. I was suppose to run my Mom’s Day race that AM and get my garden planted that afternoon. But it was snowing. So the race got cancelled and I didn’t plant my garden. Because it was snowing. (can you tell how I feel about the whole thing?).

At least I got a cute T-shirt from the Mom’s Day Race that I didn’t run because of the snow. Except wait….its been raining and cold (like 32 degrees yesterday AM) so I haven’t gotten the chance to wear the cute T-shirt.

And so despite the universe being messed up and acting more like February/March I did manage to get my garden in. (I promise this post has more of a point then complaining about the weather…well at least I think it does). It was still cool and kind of rainy the day we put it in, but we got it in at least.

Garden is in!
Garden is in!

I planted 9 tomatillos and 9 tomato plants (we will likely be swimming in them come this fall if they all make it). I also planted 10 broccoli plants and 11 peppers. I put a teepee up and got beans planted around it and planted a number of pumpkins and onions. We still have frozen zucchini from last year in our freezer and I just totally forgot to get lettuce of spinach or carrots or anything else. Oh well, we will have more than enough tomatoes and tomatillos.

Planting beans
Planting beans

Of course I thought we’d have a lot of broccoli too. But between a certain “helpful” 3 year old in his “grandpa boots”, a certain little baby bunny that has decided that my garden is his own personal stash of food, and rain/hail/snow in the past week I think I have 1 plant left that still looks mostly alive. One. Like out of 10. One. The bunny and I are going to war. (since I have no control over “grandpa boots” despite my best- “watch where you…oh well”, and we know how well I control the weather).

One of my "helpers" with his "grandpa boots" on (not my husband obviously)
One of my “helpers” with his “grandpa boots” on (not my husband obviously)

My peppers and tomatoes and tomatillos have been protected from the elements (and “grandpa boots and fluffy four legged hopping creature) with their walls of water. And so far they seem to be doing pretty good. But before you declare that I am awesome don’t look to closely at my planting rows…they are anything but straight and really leave no room to put a trellace in for the vines to grow on…but we’ll deal with that problem later this summer when it stops snowing and acts like summer (or even late spring for that matter).

Happy Tomatillo in it's wall of water
Happy Tomatillo in it’s wall of water

And so we’ll see. Now it’s a waiting game. And fighting off bunny rabbits game.  And redirecting grandpa boots game. And hoping that the 75 inches of rain we have gotten in the past week (it may not be quite that much but it feels like it) don’t cause all my plants to drown and become seaweed.