Re-potting The Sprouts

My sprouts are doing great! Well, at least some of them are, some of them forgot that their goal in life was to grow and become plants. So since it has been 3 weeks since I first planted the seeds I replanted the containers where nothing had grown. The only problem being that I never […]


Gardening 101 Week 23

Good news. There were no plants murdered this week at our house. I kept my husband and his hoe out of my garden and away from my plants. He instead got to build a screen door for the preschool. Wasn’t he lucky? But we finally had enough tomatoes to make our first batch of salsa. […]


Gardening 101 Week 16

Sorry, weeks 14 and 15. It’s called it has been a crazy couple of weeks and it just didn’t happen. And so we are on week 16. At this stage in the game I’m kind of in maintenance mode. Everything it is growing, and so it’s just a matter of making sure that things are […]