Seeds and Rockets…..

On Saturday everything got cancelled because of the impending snow storm so we found ourselves all at home waiting for the snow to start which took quite awhile to get going but will be a future blog poast. Typically I start my seeds indoors on St Pattys Day every year but I work that day and so even though it was a few days early I decided to go ahead and get them started. This year I’m starting my tomatillos and all different types of peppers as well as kale indoors. Mostly I want a lot of tomatillo salsa and it is my new favorite thing. I started my kale in the garden last year and it just never did great, so I’m trying to start it earlier this year and see how it does. Leighton and Caedmon both wanted to help me so we got set up in the living room and they were great helpers. When we were finished we filled my new seed growing caddy upstairs near the homeschool area so that they will get plenty of sunshine. While we were busy planting Edric and Clint worked on putting together his rocket model. Edric won it as part of the summer reading program 2 years ago at the library and we kind of forgot about it but while moving some things found it this past week and in true Edric style he has been asking about it every couple of hours. So he and Clint picked up some special glue the other evening at the hardware store and the set to work on it. Edric is so proud of it. We have to get a motor for it but they had a good time building it together. Paxton and Coppelia mostly watched the rocket building and played back and forth between both projects. They didn’t want to help and were happy doing their own thing. It was a fun day.