Early Spring Signs….

I love spring, I think I say that every year. But I do. And I’m probably writing this just a tad early as we might potentially get double digit inches of snow this weekend. But I’m going to live in my happy spring time world for a bit. The past week has seen temps creeping up to the mid 60s and blue sky and sunshine. I did catch the first glimpse of my daffodils poking through the ground which is just amazing. Also with the warmer afternoons the tomatillo plant that I planted in the winter and have been keeping alive all winter (I actually planted 24 and only 2 made it) started blooming and so I brought it outside near my bee hive. The bees were quite happy to see it and many quickly flew all over it. My bees actually survived the winter so far. It’s still a few weeks before I’ll crack open the hive and get a good look in but I was excited to see them buzzing around. Spring is coming!