Ballet Filming And Bike Riding….

It is ballet filming time again. Caedmon is a town boy for the ballet Coppelia and has been practicing hard for his performance, but because of all things COVID they are filming the ballet and will livestream it in April. So Saturday was Act 3 and finale filming and he was so excited. Clint was also there taking backstage photos. Clint had to be there fairly early that morning and Caedmon didn’t need to be there until mid morning, so the other kids and I brought him in and packed our bikes in the car as well. After we got him dropped off the kids loaded up on their bikes and I strapped on my running shoes and we took off for the bike path near the Longmont Museum where Caedmon was filming. It was a gorgeous day and in the 2 hours that we were out running/riding we managed to hit three parks to play at and had a great time. We made our way back to the museum and Caedmon was still filming so we ate our lunch and played outside and talked with a couple of the other parents also waiting for their kiddos until Caedmon finished. It was a great way to spend Saturday morning.