Caedmon is 9!

On Tuesday March 23rd Caedmon turned 9! Right now he is in to all things castles and knights and this year he loves books. I’m pretty sure he was awake and out of bed before 6 asking if he could open his presents. I told him not till everyone else was awake, then I did hear someone playing the piano, he swears it was Edric but I think it might have been his subtle attempt to get everyone up. Leighton was the last to arouse with lots of prompting and begging from Caedmon a little before 8. Caedmon opened the presents from us and got a set of books about a dragon that decides he no longer wants to be a dragon but to be a knight and he entrusts a German speaking goat as his trusty stead…..I have no idea where they come up with these things but my 9 year old loves them. (Also in the series is about the dragon becoming King and a Wizard….) He also opened a castle with all sorts of brave knights fighting with a catapult and such and a knights costume which he promptly wore most of the day. Shortly after that Clint’s parents called and he opened the car that they got him and a drawing of his name that they got for his baptism to hang in his room. He then helped me bake his brownies which we got all made but couldn’t put in the oven because our power lines have had issues so they cut our power just before we were going to bake them. Luckily everything else Caedmon wanted for his birthday lunch could be made without electricity. He wanted shrimp, coleslaw, and fruit salad. My mom knows he loves snap peas and so she brought him those as well which he quickly added to his plate. We had a great birthday lunch and the power came on so I was able to throw the brownies in the oven. They finished and there was no chance to let them cool and so all the candles melted as I stuck them in because the brownies were still so hot so I think the top of the brownies got a little scorched. It didn’t stop anyone from eating them. Caedmon opened up a set of books about the Last Firehawk that my parents got him. He found one of the books at the library recently and has fallen in love with them. This coming from the boy that I was pulling teeth to get any reading out of a little over a year ago has become a huge reading fanatic and doesn’t go anywhere in the house without a book in his hand. He spent the afternoon playing with his castle, reading books, and chasing his brothers and sister around as a brave knight. Caedmon is our spunky kid with lots of flair and such a sweet heart! So glad we get to be your parents buddy, we love you!