I am a wife, mommy, and ER doctor, sometimes all at once and sometimes one at a time.

Christmas Eve Octopus

That’s pretty much how I felt during our Christmas Eve service last week. Like an octopus. Out of water. I love going to the Christmas Eve service every year. We go every week but there is always something special about Christmas Eve that I look forward to all December long.  This year was no different. […]



Yes its that time in the Armstrong household again. No, not the time when we gorge ourselves on M&Ms, but rather potty training time. For some crazy reason when Leighton was almost 21 months I got it in my head that he needed to be potty trained. Most the people around me told me that […]


Christmas Cards

Or I guess I should say lack of Christmas cards. Not Christmas cards that we’ve received, we’ve gotten quite a few this holiday season (thank you everyone) but actually Christmas cards that we’ve sent. Or actually failed to send this year. Yep we didn’t do a single card this year. In retrospect we probably should […]