Edric’s May Package (#15 not counting birthday or Christmas….)

15 packages already. More than ready to have him home!!!! The one good this with this package is that our agency is going over in May and is going to deliver this package and then video Edric opening the package. I also got to write out a few questions for Edric’s Foster mom to answer while they are videoing him opening the package. And then I think I may decide to camp out in the parking lot of the agency until they are back and have the video ready.

I made another puzzle with photos in it. On the fire truck photo I put a picture of Edric next to a photo of both Leighton and Caedmon so that all three of them are in the same puzzle piece. I hope he enjoys it.


Leighton and Caedmon are into camouflage right now, or as Leighton calls it “boy colors”. They both have cotton shorts that are covered in camouflage and so I found this little overall set that matches and ordered that for Edric. He is still on the small side for his age, so I hope that he can wear it all summer, and that I can get a photo of him in it.


The boys picked out some sun glasses and Mater the tow truck and one of the little engines from Thomas the Train to send Edric as well. The boys love playing wih trucks and trains and the thought Edric would enjoy it as well.


And then of course some mashed up peas and pears and other fruits and veggies to finish the package off.

IMG_1016 (1)

The puzzle took up a lot of space, so I had to use some duct tape to get everything to stay in place. Leighton is convinced that Edric is going to love the tape I used (it was the only that I could find.) I’m not sure Edric knows what batman is, but we’ll go with it.

IMG_1019 (1)

And then finally the questions for foster mom. How does one decide and limit to just a few questions and try and learn all one can about their child with just a few short questions. I did what I could and hope that we get some insight into who he is and what he is like.

IMG_1020 (2)

And so there’s the package and now I have to wait for the video of him opening it…you may just find me this month living in a tent in a certain parking lot….just saying.