Edric’s 2nd Birthday Package

I remember thinking last year that I wouldn’t have to do this again this year and he would be home and we could celebrate his 2nd birthday together. But it is not so. And so I put together Edric’s 2nd birthday package this weekend. He will be 2 on the 30th of April so that should be enough time for our agency to get it sent to him.

Thanks to Google-Translate I’m hoping that I wrote out “Happy Birthday Edric JoonSoo, we love you”. At least that’s what I asked the google to translate for me. Leighton drew the picture underneath and he said “it’s a picture of all of us in the same house at nighttime. He also wrote out Edric in Korean and drew him a little picture (what he calls a book) on a small piece of a note card. The boys are both really looking forward to him coming home.


I found a couple small books, one on opposites and one on colors. I know he can’t read English and likely neither can foster mom, but I think the books are cute and something that his hands can hold. I really like the triangle crayons, Caedmon has a set and they work great in his hands and are easy to grip and don’t break as easily as the little round ones. And some extra tooth brushes and toothpaste. A number of families have gotten reports or had little ones come home with really bad teeth, so I’m hoping the toothbrushes are getting used often.


Leighton picked out the little stuffed monkey in the bargain bin at Target. At least I think it’s a monkey, not exactly sure. I included a few more construction trucks as well. I also found a Duplo zoo set for him with some fun little animals in it.

FullSizeRender (7)

I actually found these two outfits late last summer and at the time thought, maybe these could be his coming home outfits next spring. And they would have been, if he was coming home. But since that is still a ways off I thought I’d best pack them before he’s too big for them. He’s on the small side and I’m pretty sure they will fit. Actually based on the weight and height we get on him each month, I’m almost 100% sure they will fit!

It says "Mommy's Team Captain and MVP"
It says “Mommy’s Team Captain and MVP”
It says "Dad's Team, 1st Division"
It says “Dad’s Team, 1st Division”

And as usual some lotion and little hand sanitizers for foster mom.


I also included some photos from our recent sledding trip. I realized afterwards that we have sunglasses and hats on in most of them, but oh well.


And all together!

FullSizeRender (3)

So Happy Birthday little guy! We love you and really look forward to you being home so we can all celebrate together. Hopefully soon.


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