Perspectives on “Good”, a Five-Minute-Friday

It’s time again for Five-Minute-Friday, where on Heading Home, Katie gives us a one word prompt and we have 5 minutes to write whatever. So here is my thoughts on “good”.


I remember standing in church last Easter watching the slides come up for each of the Easter Lilies that had been donated and seeing the one come up for Edric, the son we are waiting to bring home from Korea, and thinking- “It will be so good to have him home this time next year and not have just a flower to honor him by”

And yet, I’ll stand in the same place again this year, and he won’t be home yet, he is still half a world away as our paperwork is tied up and the wait of adoption drags on. And it doesn’t seem good.

What I thought was “good” last year and what would define “good” this year, has turned out to be different. Maybe my definition and my perspective need some adjusting.

I use to be confused as to why Good Friday was called “good”. To me there was nothing good about it. And I’m sure the disciples felt the same way. They didn’t understand, and neither do I until we know and experience the “GOOD” of Sunday morning, and the freedom that only comes from Him who conquered the grave.

And so while I wait in-between what is now, and what will be I have to remember that my perspective will be changed, just as the disciples’ was so many years ago.

So while Good Friday is often very somber we live in the knowledge and hope of what Sunday brings, and that is ultimately what makes Good Friday, good.