I Want To Be A Mommy….

Caedmon has told me that twice in the past couple of weeks. I’ve felt rather honored and valued with that coming from his almost 3 year old mouth. Granted, I ‘ve had to do a little explaining as to the fact that he is a boy and therefore can’t be a mommy when he grows up, but we’ve got time to work out those details.

The two contexts in which he has told me he wants to be a mommy make me giggle. So first off my hair is finally long enough to braid. Well that’s not exactly true…it’s almost long enough to braid but close enough that I went for it. (I have a schizophrenic relationship with my hair…I go WAY short for a long time and then grow it all out for a long time and then chop it all off again…and the cycle continues. I’m in the growing out phase again). When Caedmon saw me with my hair braided (two French braids down the sides that meet at the back to join into one) he said “When I grow up I want to be a mommy and have pretty hair just like you”.

My heart melted, it was just too sweet. Especially in his almost 3 year old voice and pronunciation.

And then tonight I asked the boys what they wanted to be when they grow up. Leighton said “either a fireman or a policeman, I can’t decide between the two”. And Caedmon said “a mommy”. Half expecting some sweet reason why, I asked him why he wanted to be a mommy, to which he replied “so I can wear capri pants”. Forget all the stuff that mommy does, clearly the winning factors are my hair and my wardrobe.

I mean really what else matters? Granted I will write these down and bring them up to him at various times in his life, as only a mommy with awesome hair and capri pants can do.

My little monkey...
My little monkey…