Men In Tights…

Caedmon had his Spring dance recital this past weekend and it was really fun. He was in two dance classes this year, a regular ballet class and also a boys dance class. His regular dance class did their spring recital piece to a selection of music from the ballet, Coppélia. He really liked that he got to dance to his sister’s namesake. He also really liked that he got to go out on stage first and do a few sautés (jumps) before any of the girls in his class came out. Also as the “doll maker” he had to wind up each of the girls so they could dance. Unfortunately part way through the dance they all forgot their pars and all stood looking at each other. But for a group of 7 year olds they did a great job.

His favorite dance, and judging from the response of everyone watching, the audience’s favorite dance was the dance that the boys class did. They danced to Men In Tights, which was hilarious. And they were all pretty well on with the beat, and had everyone cheering and laughing all the way through. My mom made the costumes for the boys and they all looked the part as well.

It’s been a good year of ballet. Between his two classes and Nutcracker and Mid Summer Nights Dream we are ready for a little break over the summer. He loves dance and loves ballet and it is fun to watch him do what he really enjoys doing. Next year will bring boys dance and a ballet class again along with Nutcracker in the winter and The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe ballet in the spring. Thankful to his teachers and dance school that encourage and teach even the littlest dancers.